Help The Unloved, I Want To Donate Money

Help The Unloved.

A young man with neither family nor friend to turn to at the end of his tether with tired flesh on his bones and broken in spirit. Homelessness wants to destroy me once and for all, starvation wants to assist, sadness has found me again, there’s a sad song in my heart.

The world has told me to go away and leave us alone! My empty outstretched hand turned away violently, Lady Luck turns her face from me with my pleas ignored, rejection being my only comfort.

But the grave said it would help me.
It’s offered me an everlasting peace.
Worries and woes washed away.
Somewhere to finally have a sense of belonging.

And as I write this, broken hearted and shedding the last few teardrops my body can muster in a state of despair and knowing that I may never partake in the happiness others enjoy,
nevertheless I will hold out in the hope that one day my life will take a turn for the better Maybe someday somebody will hear my cry for help?


But my soul is tired
My heart reminds me it’s only made of flesh
My eyelids feel so heavy.


Financial help urgently needed to save me from this quicksand of failure. When the master is in a good mood and has finished eating, I will make a humble request with my head lowered and palm stretch forth for crumbs of mercy. I am yet to get a response so will lay my head in hunger but I hope for better days.


And should that day come when a master shows grace upon me? For removing my cloak of shame and exchanging my nightmares for the sweetest of surely as the sun rises from the east & as night follows day, my appreciation will be eternal.


I am yet to experience the following but may YOU have it in abundance:


May happiness overwhelm you and cause joy to sweep you of your feet.
May love arrest you in it’s unbreakable hold.
May your episodes of past pains and traumas be thrown into the sea of forgetfulness and trouble you no more.


And where ever life may take me during its voyage of mystery, which ever shore I am washed up upon during its journey, I’ll remember you always, in this life and the next.

Thank you & Goodbye!

I Want To Donate Money.